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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download


Black ops weapons
Instant nuke
Origins Zombies
Buyable Ending
Every weapon has correct upgraded name and camo etc.
BO1 Hud
Custom loadscreen made by me
Custom viewhands

So i’ve always wanted to make a horror type map before and I decided that since i have the free time now i can start working on this map called Pandemic, it will be my first map i will release and hope you enjoy.

Background Story:
A global Pandemic or “virus” has struck the world, this virus originated from a new species found in the ocean. This virus spreads throughout the human body causing flu like symptoms at the beginning, then getting worse by fingers and parts of limbs falling off. But this virus completely takes over your mind and turns you into a zombie like creature craving flesh from any animal. 4 survivors have escaped from Washington D.C and made their way to Oregon, they take refuge in a old abandoned manor, and the survivors are loaded with weaponry to fight the undead!

Rorke – Black ops weapons
NGcaudle & Arceus- Black ops hud
Harry Bo21- Black ops 1 & 2 perks and Zombie models
ZK- Tutorials
HitmanVere- Black ops style pause menu and help
WoLf_GoLd- MW3 USP

If you think you should be credited PM me.



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