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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it, since my other release Psychopath, I decided to take up a new challenge of making a new map, so here it is, about 2-3 months prior to planning and mapping out some parts.

-Map Style And Description-
This map is more of a mature version of my Psychopath attempt, it’s much darker, and will still have a anxious feeling.
The map will be set in a forest, towns and such overtaken by nature, it’s much more open and roaming and will feature different districts and rivers, i wanted it to be roaming so every time you play the map, the experience will differ. The districts will be vast and each will be special in their own way. The outside will give an earthy feeling and inside the building will be similar to the style of Verruckt. I’ll go more into detail once i mapped out more. I have a long way to map. It will feature Psychopath’s Building.

I don’t really know if anyone found any of my Easter eggs in Psychopath, but if you didn’t then the map will be centered around the storyline of surrounding area and a secondary character in Zombies, Sophia, her motives and secrets centered around this forest. Sophia being Maxis’s assistance, isn’t German, but part of the OSS, reporting all information back during  WW2, being the youngest and female to be part of OSS. She was the one to transport the patients from Verruckt to Psychopath for..

-Features or planning on adding-
-All Perks including (BO1/BO2/BO3)
-Mp guns from World At War (SVT,DP-28,Type 99,Other Attachements From Other Guns)
-Zipline,Flogger,Electric Trap,Teleporters
-Tranzit Weapon Locker (Thx Reaper)
-Planing on Adding (Freeze Gun,Scavenger,Sliqifier,Thundergun,Oracle) *Any Help Is Appreciated*
-Ambiance As in Psychopath

My map requires so much FX’s and i have tried all methods and have talked to members about solving the problem, but things keep loading in that require me to use T4M, so if you dislike T4M then please refrain from comments and check out other W.I.P from other members on UGX :) I won’t know when i will finish this map, but i’m not rushing it on detailing and other things, so expect fall or early winter.

Sidenote: This will be my final map before i stop making maps. I really like making maps and seeing all the map makers joining to make this forum everlasting. So with that thought, i plan on making the map very nostalgia. I don’t want to add anything that messes up any gameplay styles, but rather to enjoy. Don’t worry, ill have other versions with other gameplay characteristics. But I might not update as often but expect my release :)



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