One Window Challenge

One Window Challenge
By: Yaekai xqcL

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Thanks for alll the support guys ! im stopping to update this map cause i dont play bo3 anymore,but its been a great experiance !

Play with your friends in my first map ever,share your highest round in the comments !
– “Pics or it didin’t happened” Richtofen

WORLD RECORD : Round 73 ( )

Update 0.0.3 :
-Added more weapons on the wall
-Added a teddy bear
-Changed the zombie spawn area from opened to a window
Known problems :
-Bonus spawning behind the window (i dont know how to fix that yet)
-Map is too easy before 20 rounds
-Pap/Perk Sounds

Update 0.0.4 :
-Added all language support

Errors :
If you have errors like “fr_zm_owchallenge” => Put your game in English (Right click on bo3 in your library > Settings > language) if its not working try put your PC date to english format (PM/AM)

If you dont see the map in Solo/private => just scroll down with your mouse..



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