Demon Defender

Demon Defender
By: Ping998

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Humanity’s last battle against the unrelenting demons of hell. Take control of the gateway, and send them back to where they came from!

A map by Ping998 (creator of WaW custom zombie maps such as “Stairway to hell”, “Der Keres” and “Alien Defense”)


– FIXED major issue with non-english players crashing when playing the map
– MOVED frags/bowie to spawn
– REPLACED original locations of frags/bowie with the Kuda/HVK-30
– REDUCED prices of first doors from 750 to 500
– INCREASED player starting score from 0 to 100
– CHANGED breach text to say “YELLOW side” or “BLUE side” instead of left/right (as that confused many people)

Hopefully this update will make things easier, it’s a hard map but now it is very fair. Good luck!

—LEADERBOARD— (Send me a screenshot of you beating the map and I’ll put you here!)

1. SpiderBite, Hypermole, Zombie_Hugs and Bacon_Bitz27 beat the map in 18 rounds! (AMAZING!)
2. TheRelaxingEnd, Silver, XxCJH123xX and Redportal beat the map in 21 rounds!
3. NoahJ456, MissingJu, Lemurs on Acid and Ming Fro beat the map in 22 rounds!

– Tower Defence Gameplay (If you’ve played Alien Defense, you’ll know…)
– Warning messages to tell you where the zombies are coming from
– Buyable Ending
– No Dogs
– Power on at the start
– No Powerups
– Doors
– Perks: Deadshot, Staminup, Widow’s Wine, Mule Kick, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2.0
– Pack-A-Punch
– Some weapon wall-buys
– Customised box loadout (e.g. KN-44 in the box)
– Zombie Counter (Fancy)
– Trip Mines
– Flickering/Glowing Lighting
– Der Eisendrache PaP camos
– Anti-cheat
– 0 Starting Points

natesmithzombies: Anti-cheat, Buyable Ending, Intro credit script, starting points script
MakeCents: Temporary box fix
Red Planet: Der Eiesndrache PaP Camos
DuaLVII: Zombie Counter
Erthrock: Flickering lights and other amazing tutorials

Special thanks to:
The Modme Community
The UGX Community

This is my first BO3 custom zombie map, so I’m still learning the new tools. I realised the popularity of Alien Defense due to its uniqueness and have decided to implement that sytle into BO3! (Also it creates more variety in the custom box- I mean maps, that are in the workshop currently)

I hope you all have fun with this one, I know it’s difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible!

Thank you, Ping998, out.



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