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This is an extremely hard map. Harder than I actually wanted it to be. It is not a box map. It may look like it at first. You must survive a certain amount of minutes to open the first door, the second, the third, etc.

If you make a video on this map, please link it. I love watching videos on my maps whether they be hateful or not. 🙂

I used to make maps back in WaW. Youtube Search “LSD custom zombies” and you’ll find my last map I made before Ops 3 mod tools came out in public beta.

This is a remake of the first ever map I ever created. Mainly used this for testing and getting used to the mod tools. Hope you guys enjoy. It’s not much, but it’s something.

(Please don’t use mods if you are going to be going for leaderboards…)

(I am no longer keep leaderboard updated. As it is now, stands final. I have better things to do, sorry.)


// Longest Time Survived \\
1. 3h 9m 5s \\ Bob Bob Du 59 \\
2. 3h 25m 6ws \\ Why_So_Original, ZayneFury, Swagless UK, SwaglessIndian \\
3. 2h 27m 32s \\ HMAC & LSD-Duck \\
4. 1h 34m 58s \\ soggy bread \\
5. 1h 32m 51s \\ Flash_92, DarkVegeta \\

// Fastest Time Beaten \\
1. 23m 53s \\ Sodium_Chloride, Trebble_Angel \\
2. 23m 55s \\ Derbergerack \\
3. 23m 55s \\ sn4rk00n \\
4. 23m 57s \\ sm1le, bigcatering184 \\
5. 23m 58s \\ TheRelaxingEnd (mostly), The Reaper 16 \\


Custom Weapons
Custom Sounds
Never Before Seen Scripts
Zombie Counter
Timed Gameplay
Tiny Easter Egg (More To Be Added Later)
GobbleGum Machine
Weapon Disposal
Buyable Ending

Known Bugs:

Some guns don’t have sounds. (Not my fault and nothing I can do to fix that.)

Be sure to follow me to be notified when I post new maps!

Special Thanks:

Gondor Gaming
The Mod Tools Discord Server
Might have missed a few, sorry!

“Vynxly” “iBounce” “Vynx”


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