Nick’s House

Nick's House
By: muffinmuncher115

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Nick’s House


This is my first map that I’ve made for WAW, its not a box map which might come as a surprise because most of the time, someone’s first map is a box map. Not this time. The map is modeled after my own house quite accurately and was a lot of fun to make and play. It’s by no means as well made as some of the popular maps, but I think I did a pretty decent job of making it. There is plenty of doors to open and every room has something you might want to have. This map is fast paced with zombies pouring in from everywhere. Many areas have wall weapons that may prove helpful to you towards killing zombies. Once you get 25000 points, you can end the game at the front door with the buyable ending. I have put a lot of time and effort into making this map and I hope you enjoy it. To load the map via console, type “nazi_zombie_nick_house”.

Not a box map
Black Ops Perks
Solo Quick Revive
Stock WAW Weapons
Custom Textures
Music Box with COD WAW and Black Ops Easter Egg Songs
Zombie Counter
Custom Solo Load Screen
Custom Co-Op Load Screen
Custom Lobby and Menu Screen
Custom Menu Music
3 Hit Juggernog Fix
Buyable Ending
Dog Rounds
Does not require T4M
Increased Perk Limit to 8


UGX Mods Team
Treyarch/Treyarch Sound
If I have missed anyone, I apologize, tell me and I will add them when I can.


Please leave feedback and suggestions for this map, I want to know what you want changed and things I should do for future maps.

Known Issues

Zombie pathing can be a bit weird sometimes. This is an issue with WAW and I’m not sure if I can fix it.


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