Nazi Zombie Misterioso

Nazi Zombie Misterioso
By: CheFo

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Good companions, here I leave my map already finished at last, I have tested it with up to 3 players and I don’t think there will be a problem to play, there will be some bugs but they do not affect the game itself.

“SCRIPTS” 1- Electricity (activates everything on the map) 2- Drinks of Cod 5 WaW and Cod Bo 1 and 2 (11 advantages, 10 can be taken at the same time: the last one is to reload the weapon) 3- Extra advantage reload ammunition of selected weapon 4 -Machine to buy power up 5- C4 and Bettys (can be worn at the same time) 6- Weapon Upgrade Machine 7- 6 Trunks in total (7 with upgraded weapons) 8- Zombies risers (And normal ones too) 9- Zombie “BoSS” (does NOT give points but “leaves” PRIZE) 10- Chest with “Improved” weapons 11- Easter egg (Secret passage to “another” essential area of ​​the map to finish it) 12- Weapons of other Cod (Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and ops 1) 13- Teleports (A lo Five, 5 in total) 14-A Boss comes out from time to time but don’t worry I have left him in “default” and he is easy to kill (he does NOT give points when you shoot him but he drops a prize) 15- Final (escape on the plane) The map is not a big deal but hey: the effort and work has had it, I started in September 2014 and now I finish in 2016; of course I have taken it at very, very sporadic moments, it is the first one I do and I do not think it is the Finally, it is a “survival” map, simple but with a lot of weapons and advantages, apart from the various secondary ones, as I like: to kill zombies and look for your life lol I hope you enjoy it and the reviews are not very bad Hahaha. Of course I have finished it thanks to the people in this forum, the truth is that they have supported / helped me a lot; without them I would not have been able to finish … or start lol so: THANK YOU VERY MUCH “CUSTOMCODMAPPING.FOROACTIVO.COM” Especially to the users and moderators who have helped me Wink shippuden1592, Gogeta, SpyroScope, mikevlc, Pedrehitor74, ricko0z for weapons … etc, etc ALL CREDITS ARE FOR THIS FORUM



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