Der Schrottplatz

Der Schrottplatz
By: DiggilyDonuts

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Trapped in a junkyard with the undead. Can you find the radio and call for help? Or will you succumb to the endless horde?

No Perk Limit
8 Perks (All Except Electric Cherry)
Timed Gameplay
Find the 3 Handheld Radios to Open the Packapunch
Buyable Ending in Last Stand Area
No Dogs
Close Quarters, but Still Room to Train
Not a Box Map
Fair Amount of Detail

In my experiences testing/playing, I have found this map to be decently difficult, but not impossible. Zombies constantly spawn due to the timed gameplay, so there isn’t much room for mistakes as the map is compact.

Also, this is my first map I have ever made, so it won’t be perfect.

If there are any bugs or advice about what could be changed, feel free to post them in the comments.



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