Shilo Cementery

Shilo Cementery
By: buck01ark

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(*UPDATED on 11/1*)This is a dark and spooky map that will challenge you. There are 9 perks you can get with NO perk limit and you might just need all 9!!! Ive also included 4 Easter Eggs, Buildable Rocket Shield, PaP Camos, Buyable Powerup and a Buyable Ending “IF” you can survive long enough. Also you will have a zombie counter to help. Had lots of fun making this map, so i hope everyone enjoys it. Be sure to get your name on the Wall of Fame!

*****World Record*****(Highest Round) DogeZombies (31)

The Map features:
>3 shootable robots {music EE}
>5 shootable perk bottles {will take your money and guns lol}
>7 shootable teddy bears {will get a perkaholic}
>15 shootable crows {will give you a pap gun} or will it? LOL
>over 45 wall guns
>9 perks
>no perk limit
>zombie counter
>buyable ending (85,000)
>buyable powerup
>a maze in middle of map with over 10 doors
>PaP Camo
>buildable table and rocket shield
>preview and load screen so the map looks great

Special thanks to natesmithzombies for buyable ending and intro credits tut, DuaLVII for zombie counter, Red Planet for the PaP Camo,Uptownpapi25 for craft table and rocket shield and CraftDAnimations for wall guns, shootable EE and help with perk machine sounds. Also AVIACREATIONS.COM and UGX-MODS.COM (great sites)! Oh and Spiderbite there IS a way out of the maze…Thanks for playing my map!!!! (love your vids)

**Wall of Fame**(I will put this in new map ”POPULATION 0”)
#1 djpanda123 (first to beat map)
#2 DarkMaster BET,gg (first to complete EE and buildable)
#3 Rumpelstiltskin (first to complete updated EE {hard} and beat map)
#4TrippleForteMatt {fastest to escape {round 19}
#5 PIECAKE (second to complete updated EE) (2nd fastest to escape {round 20})
#6 DogeZombies YT

You can click the link below if you want to support me via a donation: (would soooo appreciate!!!)
(Thanks everyone for yalls support!!!!)

This map is entirely free, absolutely DO NOT have to donate to download and play it.
I will continue to update and I’m currently working on a new map!!!!
Thanks everyone for subscribing and I hope I can continue making maps you enjoy!
*New map is called……”Population 0” and it will start where the plane you escape in crashes!!!!!!(will be prob a month or 2 before the release. Keep checking back for updates

Note: Lil Arnie’s will take away one of your guns when you buy off the wall or box.


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