Undead Night

Undead Night
By: Glitch

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Inspired by the WaW MP map, Airfield. This Parallel Universe includes a full Nacht Der Untoten reimagining as well as additional bunkers and underground caverns…

Map Features:
8 Perks
No Perk Limit
Buildable Power Switch
Dog Rounds
Shootable Easter Egg (Locations posted in a Discussion)
Rocket Shield Buildable
Revelations PAP Camo
Classic Zombie Counter
Simple Teleporter
Buyable Ending (50k)
3 Gobblegum Machines
6 Box Locations
Buyable Power Up Station

– If for some reason the map isn’t up to date, try unsubscribing and then subscribing again!
– If you find any bugs/glitches, tweet them to me or post them in the corresponding discussion!
– ALSO, DONT TAKE LIL’ ARNIES FROM THE BOX! For some reason they take up a weapon slot as if its a gun!

Jbird632 (Youtube Tutorials)
UGO aka Wakka (Youtube Tutorials)
NoobForLunch (Scripting Help)
Everyone in the Black Ops 3 Discord Server

This is my first custom map for BO3, so I apologize if it is rather simple. Thanks for subscribing!



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