Tal Der Toten

Tal Der Toten
By: Zomagoras

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You must find and shoot the 4 teddy bears around the map to unlock the PaP area.[Look up ;)]

My first zombies map. Is done in functionality, but still some detail to do here and there. Any feedback is welcome, just be respectful 🙂

The map takes place in the deep forests of Germany in the Rhine valley. The town is a war stricken town with a Power Building, a Quarry, Warehouses, a Hospital, a Military Training Facility, a Mini-Mart, a Crash Airplane, and Mazes.

-Scripts & Scripting Help(Noobforlunch)
-Electric Cherry(EvilYoshi for the model)
-Craftable Rocket Shield(Harrybo21 + DTZxPorter)
-Tutorials(UGX + Wakka + ModMe)

-Easter Egg Song(involving shooting teddy bears)
-Easter Egg that unlocks Pack A Punch & gives players electric cherry
-Large Detailed Map(Still WIP)
-9 Perks(7 Original + Widows Wine + Electric Cherry)
-Buildable Rocket Shield
-Buyable ending
-Random Weapon Boxes
-Dogs/Dog Rounds

Coming Soon
-BLOPS 2, MW2, and WaW weapons being ported in(With Pack-A-Punch versions)
-Possibly custom perks
-Working on a JukeBox to play music



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