UGX Azrael by UGX-Mods

UGX Azrael by UGX-Mods
By: HitmanVere

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**Note: Map is meant to be played with UGX Mod BO3. We highly suggest installing/loading it first before playing, thank you! Link can be found in Required Items or in our site **

UGX Azrael is a Halloween map made in less than a month. While it’s not big or most detailed map, it has thought put into it and can be fun to play with friends, especially while running our new mod: UGX Mod BO3!

-Small Pack-A-Punch Easter Egg Quest
-Buyable Ending
-Easter Egg Song
-Small modifications to stock setup, like Shadows of Evil-PaP camo, new round/Game Over sounds and new starting weapon

-HitmanVere: Mapping most of this, scripting extra map-related EE’s, sounds etc.
-Delta (and his girlfriend): Feedback, ideas, pumpkin models/sound/FX, testing
-treminaor: Feedback, ideas
-MrSlagovich: Testing

Extra Credits:
-MakeCents: Lil’ Arnie fix
-Ardivee: Soundalias help



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