Vincent Street: Z

Vincent Street: Z
By: greeNTHEBoyz

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*This map is best if played on the lowest brightness!*

[WARNING] Crashes are common. If the map crashes upon loading it up, simply re-open Black Ops III and try again. I have no clue how this happens, and I’m trying to fix it. It sometimes will load and sometimes will crash. Sorry about that. If you know of a solution, please add me or add a discussion below. Thanks.

Hello, and welcome to Vincent Street! Here you will find happiness with your fellow neighbours, pets and amazing scenery. Check us out right now, and we guarantee tha– … you wil- ….. lov- …… your… stay. *radio static* *zombies moaning*

[Update v1.0]
This map is in deep alpha. Currently, the only perk able to be bought is quick revive. You can try this map out, but you won’t find a good map until it’s expanded. I hope it to be a medium sized map with a really detailed environment. Enjoy for now!

[Update v1.1]
The original four perks are now in the map as well as Pack-A-Punch! The house has also been cleaned up, and fixed an issue with the RK5 not being able to be bought. To update, all you need to do is resubscribe to the map.

[Update v2.0]
Oh boy! I would like to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that this map is not going to be much larger than this. It’s very small, I know, but I love crampt spaces in maps, as it adds the tension of the zombie apocalypse. Widow’s Wine and Stamin-Up is now added! I do not know if any other map added Widow’s, but I would like to say I am one of the first to do so. Completely remodeled the map’s environment and started to work on a new area. Too much to talk about here, so check the patch notes page for more info! Oh, and it’s now in Beta, not Alpha.

[Update v2.1]
I’ve cleaned up certain areas of the map, such as noclipable areas and texture issues. Also, started working on the tunnels and added some background details, such as the housing estate ramp, and the road behind the gravel car park. All perks are added, but Deadshot is not facing the correct direction. The perk locations are not final. Street and house lights turn on after power is activated, so turn on the power otherwise it’ll be hard to see! Enjoy!


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