Dead Flat

Dead Flat
By: Kiepok

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Dead flat 1.4

Dead flat is a flat taken over by the Germans where they have gone ahead and set up a rocket to travel to the moon, your job here is to stop the Natzis find the rocket and stop it before it blasts off. Good luck.


This Map Version includes:

*unlimited perks
*many shootable easter eggs
*change under perks
*Custome pap cammos
*craftable rocket shield
*gobble gums
*Craftable power switch
*widows wine
*custom wall buys
*different starting weapon
*buyable ending
*zombie counter
as this is my first ever project in radiant and map making on bo3 expect some bugs and glitches, also the map may not be as well developed or decorated for your likings, if you have any suggestions or would like to help out feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

There will be no more updates/fixes as I lost the game file, sorry. I may make more maps in the future.


Thank you Kierpok



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