Diner Date PVP

Diner Date PVP
By: MorePen

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PVP Damge is ON! The ultimate test. Player vs Player vs Zombies!

Map Includes:
-3 custom perks (Switcher Scotch, Burst Defect, Rockets Upgrades)
-Supply Drops
-PVP damage (kill other players to gain perks)
-Timed Gameplay

New perks description:
Switcher Scotch- switching weapons causes a masive explosion launching nerby zombies to the air.
Burst Defect – Meleeing causes a 3 round burst sniper fire, targeting zombies (even behind walls).
Rockets Upgrades – Fires a rocket for each bullet you’re firing. Adds 1 rocket each time you buy.


Feel free to comment and report bugs.


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