A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow
By: UrielSeptim155

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Update: My Hard Drive broke and caused me my files to be gone forever…so there will be no more updates for this map. Thank you all for playing and I’m sorry I never got to finish it for you because there was a lot that needed to be done.

The name of the map is going to be called A Better Tomorrow, but it’s a reupload of my map named A-maze-ing which was deleted off steam workshop by me after a few problems.

UPDATE: A few new Guns, and some bug fixes!

Hidden Jug (Easier to Find)
Buyable Ending
No Perk Limit
Electric Cherry
Widow’s Wine
3 Custom weapons (More To come)
Zombie Counter
Runners from round 2 (Not Sure how to get it from round 1)
Rocket Shield
More Paths
More Spawns
….More To come!

Known Bugs:
Not really sure at the moment
Please let me know if you find anything out of the blue!



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