Doom II: Map01 (Entryway)

Doom II: Map 01 (Entryway)
By: Tytus Borkanine

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You hastily retreat to an abandoned building found in the middle of nowhere after escaping the undead horrors, coming to realization you?ve only entered a place that is no safe haven whatsoever. Fight your way through hordes of rotting zombies until you escape the dreaded ENTRYWAY.

Check the “Change Notes” tab for the changelog!

Hello survivors! This is my first ever map I designed for Call of Duty: Black ops 3. Taking up to 45+ hours of work time, I present you MAP01: Entrayway from DOOM II. Featuring reimagined areas to explore, and detailed views. However, fully maintaining the same layout as the original map. (Well, with some minor inaccuracies due to AI path finding problems.) Anyway, have fun and please let me know about any feedback you may have!

> Buyable Ending!
> Music Easter Egg!
> Pack-A-Punch!
> 8 Perks available!
> Removed Perk Limit!
> 3 Gobblegum machines!
> Character quotes!

> Quick Revive
> Speed Cola
> Jugger-nog
> Double Tap
> Mule Kick
> Widow’s Wine
> Stamin-Up
> Deadshot Daiquiri

> Some DLC weapons do not have sound effects.

If you find any other issues, please let me know on the comments below.



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