Die Toten An Land

Die Toten An Land
By: Simple

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Unfortunately due to formatting my PC, I have lost all the files associated with Die Toten An Land and therefore cannot continue with the creation of this map. You’re more than welcome to play it in its current state, however there are many unfinished aspects of the map which you will encounter if you play. Sorry! 🙁

Hey guys! This is my first zombie map which I am currently creating. I will try my best to keep this thread updated[viamods.com] as I slowly progress and add more stuff into the map.

This is still a work in progress! There is a lot to do and there are a lot of things to change. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the discussion board below!

Name: Die Toten An Land
Translation: The Dead Ashore
Description: You wake up on a distant island, surrounded by trees, deserted buildings and houses.

Version: v0.9.0a
Last Updated: 19:30 – Wednesday, 16th November 2016

Current Features:
  • Fully working mine cart system
  • Round 1 Easter Egg
  • 3 Teddy Bear’s Easter Egg
  • Buildable Power
  • Random Mystery Box Location
  • Zombies start running at an earlier round
  • No Perk Limit introduced
  • Perk Jingles
  • Custom Round Ending Sounds
  • Perk Machines now give you 100 points when go prone next to them
  • Zip Line from the house roof back to spawn
  • Perk lights turn on with power

Please note: All scripts in this map are written by myself.
You can find all of the change logs, updates, features, in-depth information, etc on my forum post:



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