Shadow Moses Island

Shadow Moses Island
By: Tytus Borkanine

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[Journal excerpt taken from one of the four fated survivors]
Febuary 28th, 2005.
We have found ourselves in what seems to be an advanced millitary base, with no sign of activity around the structure itself. We’ve heard moaning and clanking around the area, however, and the air seems to reek of decay. We have found weapons far beyond what we’ve seen but the base model seems to resemble that of the weaponry we’ve been given during the war. For now, we will try to establish some kind of connection to anyone we can through the communication systems, and pray for the best.

We’ve come to a change of plans, due to a recent sighting. Upon entering a restricted room, we discovered a body, yet for some reason, it was moving, moaning, and rushing for us. It has become clear that before we can approach communications, we must first survive the horrors of whatever has befallen this facility. The name certainly fills me with chills, and after what I’ve seen, I can’t even fathom the incident that caused this tragedy in Shadow Moses.
[Excerpt end]

[[[SOUND UPDATE released! Please read change notes for changelogs.]]]

Welcome to Shadow Moses Island, survivors. Learn the horrors of what has happened to Shadow Moses and avoid becoming infected with FOXDIE, a deadly virus that has plagued this universe, turning every living soldier into flesh hungry zombies.

SO! Seond map is out and about, I really hope you guys like this one! It’s a full remake of Shadow Moses Island from the Gamecube title “METAL GEAR SOLID: TWIN SNAKES”. This one was really fun, and I think I’ll keep adding more to it such as music easter eggs and ported weapons and what not.


~> 8 available perks!
~> Some DLC weapons have sound!
~> Character quotes!
~> Custom voice acting! (Don’t expect professional quality!)
~> Buyable ending!
~> No perk limit!
~> Music Easter Egg!
~> Wall-buys! (Duh!)
~> Gobblegum machines!
~> Pack-a-punch!
~> Revelations PaP camo!
~> Custom textures (Ripped from MGS: Twin Snakes, not made by me)

> Quick Revive
> Speed Cola
> Jugger-nog
> Double Tap
> Widow’s Wine
> Mule Kick
> Stamin-Up
> Deadshot Daiquiri

1.) Ported guns
2.) MORE Detailing
3.) More voice acting

Some DLC weapons do not have their sound effects

Special thanks and credits:
PlasticGuy for thumbnail logo graphic
Curly for the quick snippet of lore
Shadic for voicing the helicopter guy
Zombie030 for helping me out with adding character quotes
Stevenwo for zombie pathing suggestions
Konami for the textures from Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes on the gamecube
And all of you that download and enjoy my map <3

Any issues or feedback you have, please let me know on the comments below.



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