Apollo Station

Apollo Station
By: Pepe bless me

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Make you way back to the moon and fight for you life in this top secret US spyfacility.
Classified 935 information about the wunderwaffe program have leaked out to the US goverment. “The facility must be destroyed, at all cost!” Dr. Ludvig Maxis.
“I will support you with excavator pi, epsilon, omicron and kappa from Griffin Station. You must find a secret room somewhere in Apollo Station and activate the excavators. Thanks for your cooperation” Dr. Groph

The map contains:
2 musical eastereggs.
8 perks with working jingles and no perk limit.
A lot of well known assets from the black ops map “moon”.
Lower gravity, just a little bit not to an annoying level.
The five der eisendrace pap camos.
You can buy a random powerup for 2500 points.
A buildable rocket shield.
Gobblegum machines around the map.
Some great traningspots.
Dynamic objects.
A teleporter to the pap area. Now working for all players in the game.
Now working sounds for the dlc guns.
There is a buyable ending after you have turned on three generators around the map.

Credit to jdcobra för supporting me with ported guns.

To be added in the next few updates:
A cloud free night skybox.
Add radios with well known messages from diffirent maps.
Better lighting in some areas.

Known issues:

The widows wine jingle.
The lighting on some of the perk mashines.



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