Mc’Donalds Zombies

Mc'Donalds Zombies
Version: 1.2 By: belo

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Hey, it’s my first custom zombies map and this is (or it should be) Mc’Donalds. Feel free to play!
– Zombies counter (how many zombies left to end of round)
– Revelations PaP Camo’s
– Buyable ending
– Buildable power switch
– No perk limit
– Widow’s Wine
– Perk light’s and sounds
– Thundergun and other wonder weapons
– Fun
– ak74u from black ops 1
– an94 from black ops 2
– A very big shout out to community, i learned using radiant from Corey (GAM3VIDZ) tutorials
– shinged from ugx-mods for buildable power switch script
– natesmithzombies from for buyable ending script
– DTZxPorter – Wraith
– Collie, Aszry, DTZxPorter – Conversion kit T7
– Thisco – Porting (ak74u)
– Gash – Porting (an94)

If you find a glitch or want me to upgrade the map (for example new room or something)
write it down on the discussion tab.
If you find glitch please name the thread like this:

[BUG]<name of glitch>
<Explain more in description>

for example:

[BUG]Flying zombies
Hey guys zombies is flying over the map

If you played the map, please write a opinion below 🙂

UPDATE 17.12.2016!!!
Fixed some glitches with zombies that wanted to go throught things (table for example)
Added ak74u
Added an94
Added a road on the outside side of map
Fixed some sounds and lights

A very big thanks to AutisticOnion with a glitch that i have been struggling like about 1 month


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