Nacht Der Untoten Remake

Nacht Der Untoten Remake
Version: Beta

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This Mod brings WaW (from Origins) and Bo2 weapons on the map. IT ALSO REPLACE THE BLOODHOUND WITH THE M 1911 !!!
This Mod brings the MP40, MG42 and theMauser C96 back.

I know the map is not total complet right now there is some work left to do.

I hoping to get a lot of feedback to make the map much better. Please report any bugs, glitches and other issues. Also feel free to rate.


– original sounds
– original map structure
– total remake (no perks no extended areas no daytime just the old map)

For people that want some new stuff check out my 2. nacht version there are perks within and some new areas are planed.

Update 01.10.16 :

– Removed Perks
– created second Version with all Perks / Pack a Punch
Link here:

Update 03.10.16:

– Removed dog rounds from map to stay classic
– changed light (less inside of the map more moon light from outside)
– added more detail iside the spawn room (new soils, hole in wall (stairs), fire on “mulekick” side)
– added new details outside the map (look outside the barricade that was next to mulekick in BO1)

Update 06.10.16:

– added the thompson room
– added working box
– more detail and new roof in the back part

Update 07.10.16:

– fixed the zones so the zombies only spawn in the backroom if you bought it

Update 08.10.16:

– fixed all bugs on the map
– new lightsystem

Update 10.10.16:

– creat and added half of the 2. floor (but very low on detail right now)

Update 12.10.16:

– added original match start and round change sounds (more to come)

Update 18.10.16:

– created last room (map is complet now)
– created new outside area updated some old
– input old (WaW) round start sound

Update 20.10.16:

– some more outside updates
– added new wall weapons (MX Garand instead of M1/Tommy Gun instead of Thompson/HG 40 instead of Double Barrel Shotgun)
– added some new weapons to box including Thundergun, PPSH, Tommy Gun, MX Garand, Shadow Claw and Ragnarok + many more.
– added 2 hit health like in WaW
(Just started porting the M1911 from BO1 it is really hard to port and takes a long time i do not know if i port over more weapons. lets see in future)

Update 27.10.16:

– release of first beta build
– fixed wall new wall buys look like vesper with CraftDAnimations prefabs
– detailed the outside

Update 15.11.16:

– some more detail in the map
– music easter egg added (no teddys this time + shoot trigger)

Have fun searching it and maybe leave a comment if you found it.

Update 21.12.16:

– Fix for the DLC guns sounds
– changes to the lighting (inside the house only)

In the next beta builds i will release:

– more inside detail
– new zombie models

And Enjoy playing 😉

And tell me what to change


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