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I made this purely because I just wanted to play Backlot zombies and I saw RaGe had made an epic mp version of it. So I converted it to make this. I made some of the old school cod4 glitch spots actual locations in the map for a laugh so yeah go check it out. You should check out the mp version of this map:

Don’t expect a highly polished zombies map or you will be let down, this is just a fun map for me and some close friends and their friends, thus it is set to public. So enjoy and take care. Thanks.


9 Perks (Jugg, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Mulekick, Stamin Up, Deadshot Daiquiri, Widows Wine, Electric Cherry)
5 Perk Limit
Custom Weapons (Ak47, ak74u, Colt1911, Makarov, Thompson, Commando, Honey Badger (All with PackaPunch Versions))
Custom Powerups (Time Shift, Unlimited Ammo, Money Reward, Fast Move)
Custom Perk Shaders + Powerup Shaders
Custom Dynamic Waters
Custom Pap Camos (Revelations Camos)
Rotating Sky
Perk Change (Nudge Perks for points)
Teddy Collection Script (Custom Sounds)
5 Radios (EE hints)
Shield buyable (EE reward room)
Bank Door
Buyable Ending
Soul Chests + Door Unlock
Working Player Voxes (Voices)
Zombie Counter
8 Random Weapon Locations


Biggest Credit goes to RaGe for giving me the prefab of this mp map! He did 99% of the work for this map… I just converted it into a zm map… adding lots here and there and making it ai friendly. 😀
M.A.K.E.CENTS (Grow Soulboxes & Zombie Counter & CODING GUIDANCE): MakeCents v1.4 Updated 12-20-16
Cradftanimations (Wall Buy Prefabs)
Erthrocks guns S1 Version 2 Custom Guns Ak74u, Makarov, Thompson, Commando & Honey Badger
Custom Rico Weapons Special Thanks to: / Gracias a: DTZxPorter, Azsry, HitmanVere, Ricos
Author Bank Door script
Natesmithzombies Kino Teleporter script (Which I heavily modified) & Also thanks Nate for the custom powerups & Perk Change! Official Powerup names: Time Warp, Bottomless Clip, Zombie Money & Fast Feet
Dubcraft helping with custom radios!
Gmzorz Rotating Sky Script
Voices Custom made by myself using Audacity, Teddy script


Lot’s of bugs known, but need to focus on my main maps now: Small gun barrier, Colt Sounds failed so you can only get Colt1911 with /give zm_colt_1911

Other Acknowledgements:

HitmanVere & Ardivee for helping with my occasional requests for help on discord 😉 (Thank you to many others who haven’t been mentioned!)
Thanks to MrShhh79, Dog Catcher, KRAVER & KAIDEN for helping test early alpha versions 😀


Write a comment to give suggestions on how to improve the map!
Share this map on your facebook & twitter to help me out and let people see what you’re upto!
Stay Awesome!



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