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An avalanche themed map that was made by me, myself, and I. You start in a library that started on fire from the avalanche! You must escape from this freezing nightmare, can you do it? Hope you guys enjoy and leave me feedback about the map. Keep in mind this is my first map I ever made for zombies.

Remember to rate my map if you enjoyed playing for me to make future maps!


– “Giant” Style Teleporters
– Buildable Power
– Buildable Power Shield (HINT: FOR A PIECE, LOOK UP)
– 8 Perks (4 perk limit, but custom powerup lets you get more)
– Buyable Ending
– Zombie Counter
– Music Easter Egg (Teddy Bears = Throwback Zombies Song)
– Unique Ways of Dropping Down
– Widows Wine
– Custom Powerups (Unlimited Ammo, Slow-mo, extra perk, fast feet, random gun and a powerup that gives you points or possibly lose points) Natesmithzombies gets credit for making them!
– Harder Than Most Maps
– Some Past Zombie Maps Themed Rooms. See if you can tell what map!
– Some Nice FX just added as well (blowing snow, snow falling from trees, smoke, and fire in windows)
– Perk Change! (Get 100 points when prone by a perk)
and someother great things!

I believe when you load the mod it will say the map is called “zm_swisherv1”, as seen in screenshot above, so you guys don’t get confused. Forgot to change the map name when I was finished.



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