The Cold Mountains

The Cold Mountains
By: Gbergz

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Survive in the cold mountains where the dead have taken over.
You have only 1 thing in mind, escaping.

( Welcome to ‘The Cold Mountains’ this is my second ever Custom Zombies map in any game with mod-tools. I have never created anything like this before. Trying my best to keep adding new content & detail to the map. Map is fully playable it has all the Black Ops 3 Perks, though Widows Wine can only be achieved by growing souls if you are lucky.
Also! remember that the map is still WIP, and alot more could be improved if i keep on learning. )

~ Soul Boxes
~ Custom Perk Shaders
~ Buildable Shield
~ No Perk Limit
~ 14 Custom Weapons (All Listed Down Below)
~ PaP Camo: Der Eisendrache
~ Starting Weapon: M1911
~ Buyable Ending.
~ Character Voice Lines/Quotes.
– Perks, that can be acquired:
~ Quick Revive
~ Jugger Nog
~ Speed Cola
~ Double Tap
~ Stamin’ Up
~ Electric Cherry
~ Mule Kick
~ Deadshot (No Machine)
~ Widows Wine (No Machine)
– Custom Weapons Ricos & Co:
~ UMP45
~ M4A1
~ G36C
~ M1911
~ Bal-27
~ M1 Irons
~ AK-47
~ MP5
Custom Weapons Erthrock:
~ AK47u
~ Commando
~ Honeybadger
~ Thompson
~ Makarov
(People who created these are credited down below.)
~ Erthrock (The guy who ported AK47u, Commando, Honeybadger, Thompson, Makarov)
~ Ricos – (People who created the “Ricos & Co” Weapons.)
~ DTZxPorter – (People who created the “Ricos & Co” Weapons.)
~ Azsry – (People who created the “Ricos & Co” Weapons.)
~ HitmanVere – (People who created the “Ricos & Co” Weapons.)
~ KommunityKOD – (People who created the “Ricos & Co” Weapons.)
~ CraftDAnimations (Wallbuy Pack & Other amazing content that helped me!)
~ Ice_Grenade – Awesome Tutorials. (Helped me in alot of ways.)
~ UGX forum: So much help with mod-tools in general.
~ Treyarch Studios: For providing such awesome updates to BO3-ModTools.
~ JBird632: Amazing tutorials.
~ ProRevenge: Perk Shaders
~ Madgazgaming: Amazing Tutorials.
~ TBone-5: Helped me with the Character Quotes / Voice Lines.
~ Uptownpapi25: Amazing Tutorials.
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