Pro Rainbow Challenge

Pro Rainbow Challenge
By: IceGrenade

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Very Difficult Challenge Map: This is a real challenge map that will have you crying… so only try and play if you are good. If you can’t beat it… git gud. Good luck. In advance… sorry if you find this too hard…

– Buyable Ending
– Custom Easter Egg Shootable
– Custom Sounds (Round and Voxes)
– Shoot items for added money
– All default perks, Cherry, Widows, Vulture, Tombstone, PHD & Whos Who thanks to Wardogsk93 & xsanchez78!
– Custom weapons thanks to Erthrock
– Epic new powerups thanks to Natesmithszombies
– Spare Change (Perk Change)
– Camo is Gorod Krovi
– Added Wonderfizz thanks to Wardogsk93
– Turn power off to reset lights.
– Updated More Money bags added

Help fund me making more maps 😀 <3

Don’t take this map seriously… unless you don’t want to have fun… enjoy the royalty-free sounds in the game… 100% no copyrights on any media used ingame. Just added music trigger and also power on/off
Bunch of cool updates just added 😉

=======Comments from Livestreamers=======
Noahj456: “The most interesting map you will ever see in your entire life, right here, right now”…
“This map is going to be the death of me… I can already tell”…
“The music gets me, I don’t know why, I think it’s so funny. The music is hilarious though.”
TheRelaxingEnd: “It’s refreshing having to think new ways to survive other than run that endless train”

1st. Won @ Round 19 IceGrenade, Mrshhh79, Uptownpapi25, Blink-420
2nd. Won @ Round 20 Nosif 28, ss double, iGalaktikz, cocodu60
3rd Won @ Round 22 Kmilo, Unknown Solider, Black_Knight
Won @ Round 25 DjETN
Won @ Round 26 TheRelaxingEnd, aZp KarNaGe
Won @ Round 26 Tyler Durden, TRiNO
Won @ Round 26 Louis v30, VelocityOwns, Smithbod, PorkeyPaul
Won @ Round 27 FredBSide, orel746(Custom Z
Fail Round 18 TPCoOLz, Affex, Otto van Cooper
Fail Round 17 Fernandez21
Fail Round 16 Xemph

To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name. Thanks.



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