Tower Of Doom

Tower Of Doom
By: Undead Munchies

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You start out at the bottom of a stone tower. You must make your way up to the top and escape in one piece. With 7 floors and almost no way to train, can you survive?

This is a challenge map. Surviving until the end will prove to be a challenge. This is by no means meant to be a very detailed map as it is my first and a like earlier styated, challenge map. I will be working on a more serious and detailed map after this is one is developed to my liking. Obviously with more people this map will become easier. Try playing it solo.

-Quick Revive
-Speed Cola
-Double Tap
-Widows Wine
-Mule Kick

– No perk limit

– Shootable easter egg song. (YouTube does not have it in it’s copyright system for some reason. Oh and it’s also 7:30 long so uh…yeah)

– Each floor costs an extra 500 points to get to. This has been tested by me multiple times and it makes sure that the map is hard but not impossible.

– Buyable ending (50,000 Points)

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P.S. Yes this was somewhat inspired by cheese cube if anybody was wondering.



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