Cruise of the Undead

Cruise of the Undead
By: MathaFuckaJones

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IYour favorite multiplayer map from Black Ops 2, now in Black Ops 3, re-imagined. Fight along side the origins crew against hordes of the undead. 

Alright guys, so you may be wondering why i changed the name of the map, well my answer is simple. “Hijacked Zombies” sounded too generic to me. That aside, I’m trying to finish as much of the map as I possibly can as fast as possible because I cant afford to pay my internet this month so I wont be able to update the map after the 5th. I’m so happy that people are enjoying it. 

-10 Perks
-No perk limit
-Jump pads (Credit to redspace)
-Buyable ending (Credit to NateSmith)
-Custom starting pistol M1911 (Credit to Rico’s)
-Custom powerups (Credit to NateSmith)
-PHD (Credit to Wardog)
-Original models from BO2 (Credit to DTxPorter)
-Kino style EE song (Find all 3 bears) (Credit to Uptownpappi25)
-Keycard door (Credit to Uptownpappi25)
-Moving box

-Speed Cola
-Double Tap 2.0
-Quick Revive
-Mule Kick
-PHD Flopper
-Widdow’s Wine
-Electric Cherry

Things to expect in the next update
-Final polish
-Final bug fixes
-Final lighting
-Final detailing

If you need help finding the keycard I will have a spoiler in the thread below. 
Hope you guys enjoy! If you make a youtube video of my map please give me credit, I’ve spent alot of hours working on this map. 

UPDATE 1/4/17
-Added GobbleGum
-Added craftable rocket sheild
-Fixed shiny floor and bed textures
-Rescaled the wood floor texture to look more like the original hijacked
-Added wallbuys around the map
-Added zombie counter
-Fixed perk limit

UPDATE 2/4/17
-Added Vulture Aid
-Added Tombstone
-Added Who’s Who (bugged, will be fixed)
-Updated PHD
-Fixed bug by speed cola
-Made it to where you can now jump out of the windows on the cabins
-Added new weapons (credit to erthrock & ricos)
-Added Amm-O-Matic (credit to NSZ & MadGaz)
-Fixed all weapon sounds
-Added character quotes

I’ve heard your complaints and i promise the buyable ending will be fixed in the next update, sorry it took so long, ive been without interner since the 5th of january but i’m back and i will continue updating this map.

Please, if you enjoy my content support the developer & donate (:



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