Stairway To Hell Remastered

Stairway To Hell Remastered
By: Pure

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If you are going to record/stream my map, i would appreciate if you would include my youtube | “FlawlessPure”

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“Yes before you ask, This is the Stairway To Hell from World At War but it’s remastered.”

A big thanks to Ping998 for letting me recreate this map!

—–About The Map—–

This is Stairway To Hell, Originated from World At War, By the great mapper himself, ‘Ping998’.
I took the role of remaking it in Black Ops 3, By adding lots of different and unique features.

This Is Definitely ‘Stairway To Hell’ On A New Level.


– Kino Style Teleporter
– Jump Pad
– Low Gravity
– Different Starting Weapon
– Increased Zombie Speed
– PhD Flopper ‘Perk’
– Electric Cherry ‘Perk’
– Vulture-Aid ‘Perk’
– Widows Wine ‘Perk’
– Custom Weapons
– Brutus Boss
– No Dogs
– Custom Powerups
– Original “Stairway To Hell Design”
– Buyable Ending (35,000)
– No Risers
– 11 Perks
– No Perk Limit
– Buildable Power
– Buildable Shield
– Original Colour Lighting
– Pack-A-Punch
– Working Perk Lights
– Custom Camo



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