Delta Township

Delta Township
By: Schwifty

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A rundown town, located in Nevada, U.S.A. You must fight through hordes of zombies to survive.

This map took me a while to make so I hope its enjoyable for you guys (:
My goal for this map was to give it that green run feel.

-14 Perks
-Custom box weapons
-All weapons have working sound, including the PPSH & the MK3
-All charachters have working quotes
-Lava actually hurts you
-The first bo3 custom map to have working rain (i think, if there is another let me know in the comments)
-Tons of custom ambient sounds from BO2
-Brutus boss round
-Hitmarker detection
-Bo2 wallbuy boards
-Enterable Tranzit bus
-Craftable sheild

-Der wunderfizz
-Vulture Aid
-Who’s Who
-PHD Flopper

-Mapping – Me =D
-Amm-O-Matic – NateSmithZombies & Madgaz
-Custom perks – Wardogsk98
-All other scripts – NateSmithZombies
-Weapons – Ricos & Erthrock
-Custom models – Me & DTZxPorter

-Sometimes Brutus crashes the game (will talk to nsz to fix it)
-Ladder to get on the tranzit bus is a pos for some reason so just use the planks across the bar
-Let me know

I forgot to mention that NateSmith & I are working on a custom perk called Lava-Latte That will make you immune to the fire and lava!

-UPDATE 2/5/17-
-Added language support
-Fixed clip on the hole in the wall on the church
-Hopefully fixed the EC glitch on the tranzit bus( not tested)
-added an exposure volume to give it a darker feeling
-Fixed stretched lava texture

-UPDATE 2/6/17-
-Minor lighting inprovement
-Minor bug fixes
-Minor detailing

-UPDATE 2/14/17-
-Added a load of new weapons from BO2 ported by HarryBO21
Unfortunately i’m having problems getting the sound to work on them but they will be fixed in the next update (:

-UPDATE 2/15/17-
-Fixed alot of broken textures
-Fixed weapon sounds
-Added a few more weapons
-Removed most of the bo3 stock weapons
-Added more ambient sounds
-Finally added a song
-Also added a song when you’re the last player alive
-Fixed language support

Please, if you enjoy my content support the developer & donate (:


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