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Honestly, I started this as a goof. A joke. A haHAA.

The joke being that it takes no effort to make a half decent map, yet theres still AWFUL W.I.Ps on the workshop because people can’t spend more than 1 hour making a map.

It’s so discouraging to actually spend time and make a good map when you have these straight cheeks maps getting so much attention when all the other good maps get pushed aside.

Do not take this seriously please. The past few maps I’ve released have just been me fooling around with the mod tools and they are not to be taken as a testament to the level at which I am able to map. I figure, if people like half of the stuff that’s on the workshop currently, there’s no reason this would be worse than someone’s 30 minute W.I.P project, yet people still enjoy it. Therefore, my thinking is that this can’t be any worse. I made this in under a week, which goes to show how much time these people are putting into useless workshop uploads.
Anyway, I can’t really be bothered to type out a long description as I have done with other maps.
So, I’ll get straight to the point.

NOTE: Please don’t add me. Join my discord instead.


– Over 67 Custom Weapons. (So many guns you’d have to be unlucky to get the same gun twice!)
A complete Full-Length Easter Egg with Easter Egg Ending!
– Mini Easter Eggs.
– Modified Difficulty.
– Boss Rounds.
– Wonderfizz Including All Perks. (Vulture-Aid, Who’s Who, Tombstone, Etc.)
– Custom Perk.
– Custom Powerups.
– Casino.
– Weapon Disposal.
– Lots of Custom Audio Cues.
– x2 Sized Dogs (As a joke cause people kept dying to the half sized dogs in 24h Labs)


Credits List:

Ice_Grenade + ZoekMeMaar – Template Mod
Liam (Static Void) – Scripting Help + Easter Egg Modeling Assistance
xSpider – MW3/Misc Weapons Package
NateSmithZombies – Custom PowerUps + Brutus + End Game Script
ShinyRandomGuy – Melee Weapons
WARDOGSK93 – Wonderfizz + Perks + Origins Weapons
xSanchez78PERKS – Who’s Who
Erthrock + Rico – Misc Weapons
Redspace – Jumppad
Ardivee – Difficulty Modifier + Voxes

Missing Someone? POLITELY contact me and ask me.
Want a link attached to your name? Contact me.


Thank you to the beta testers that helped me find bugs:

Liam (Static Void)
Mr. Wafflez


My Other Maps:
24h Labs

“Vynxly” “iBounce” “Vynx”



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