Der Ausbruch

Der Ausbruch
By: I'm Dirty Dan

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Join Our four Heroes,”Tank” Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen as they visit the place where it all began,the heart of the Reich.A Nazi Bunker Deep inside the Heart of the Third Reich..Where They have recently discovered a evil far greater then you could ever imagine.

This is my first solo map as Bunker 10 was a community map.

This map was Made By Me,Mr Tom Waffles and used Public Scripts/Assets made by the community.

Guns:(NO BO3 GUNS)
(Bo2 Origins)
870mcs,Ak74u,B23r,Ballista,Chicom,Dsr50,Fal,Five seven,Galil,,Kap40,Ksg,M14,C96 Mauser,Mg08,Raygun mk2,Mp40,Pdw57,Python,Scar H,CZ Skorpion evo,M1216,Stg44,SMR,MP5,Blundergat,M16,Hamr,LSAT,RPD(Harry BO 21)
(Modern Warfare Remastered)
MTar-X,AAC Honey Badger(Ricos0
(Black Ops 1)
Chrome M1911(Partisan Excutioner),Commando,Makarov 9mm,(Erthrocks)RPK(ProCanadian)
(World At War)
(Modern Warfare 2)
Cheytac Intervention,H&K UMP .45(Ricos)
(Advanced Warfare)
M1 Irons,M1911,Bal27(Ricos)

Custom Zombie Eyes
Buyable Ending
Easter Egg for Pack A Punch and Secret Area.
8 Perks(No Widows Wine As this map is intended to be hard)
WunderFizz(Thanks to Wardogsk93)
Natesmith For his Kino,Shootable ee, jumpscare and Buyable ending scripts
Custom WallBuys
Origins Box(Noob for Lunch)
SoulBoxes(Make Cents)
There is a way of getting a free perkaholic by shooting certain items around the map!,Can you find them?
And more Features That are Secrets! (Tip Look Behind a blue machine you will be suprised:)

Map Will recieve Updates depending on feedback/How the map plays.

If you enjoy this map please Rate it! and maybe Check out my youtube channel for videos on futures maps i will be making!,If you want to get in touch with me either leave comments on this page or Tweet at me!

Some gun sounds are broke and im not sure if i can update the map due to it might break other things in the map

If you think you have found a Bug please use the Bug Report Discussion,Thanks!

Thanks for reading!

If you want to find other people to play this map with just check the disscussion below!



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