Temple Sprint

Temple Sprint
By: IceGrenade

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Enable 3rd person on the first mannequin, this is a Temple Run style map with a coin collection system, door progression, time speed up and a hole load of other tricks.

Another formidable challenge… Diffidulty Rating: 9.5/10 Take on the higher difficulty zombies and rising door costs to find an eventual ending. Good Luck… you may need it 😉 Easier with more players. Please don’t forget to Check out http://youtube.com/IceGrenade and rate this map up if you enjoyed it.

Don’t take this map seriously… unless you don’t want to have fun… enjoy the royalty-free sounds in the game… 100% no copyrights on any media used ingame. This map was only made in 2 days so don’t expect a marvel in the graphics department. Enjoy the map and the challenge! …from the guy that brought you the lovely Rainbow Challenges, Backlot, Devil Descent, Skigebiet der Toten & Tron Towers. All the self promotion in the map is due to the lack of credit shown by the people uploading playthroughs of this map, you can thank them.

=======Check out le Channel=======
Learn to map, Custom Zombie Map Reviews: http://youtube.com/IceGrenade
Check out my livestreams: http://www.youtube.com/IceGrenade/live

– Buyable Ending
– Custom Collectable Money ZoekMeMaar, IceGrenade
– Custom Collectable Shield ZoekMeMaar
– Buildable Bridge ZoekMeMaar
– Teleport System IceGrenade, NateSmithZombies
– Custom Zombie Models Rigged and Ported by Matarra, Variants by IceGrenade
– Moving Plateau ZoekMeMaar
– Timescale Increases as game progresses Finenerds, ZoekMeMaar, IceGrenade
– 3rd Person Set
– Damage Traps IceGrenade
– Custom Sounds (Round and Voxes) IceGrenade, Ardivee
– All default perks + Cherry, Widows, Vulture, Tombstone, PHD & Whos Who thanks to Wardogsk93 & xsanchez78!
– Custom Weapons:[thompson, honey, ak74u, commando, makarov] thanks to Erthrock
– Custom Weapons:[AMR9, ASM1, ATLAS45, LSAT, M27, PKP, Kamchatka-12, Olympia, SVU] thanks to JdCobra1
– Epic new powerups thanks to Natesmithszombies
– Spare Change thanks to Natesmithzombies
– Camo is Gorod Krovi
– HarryBo21 Origins Gun Pack
– Modified Gun Materials + Sounds
– Added Wonderfizz thanks to Wardogsk93
– Increased Difficulty thanks to Ardivee
– Music Sourced from Incompetech
“Crossing the Chasm” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
– The Live chat for ideas: Seth P, ADLI, ZoekMeMaar, Crazzsman, Sullyz W, Nova P, Garrison B, Rudy S, Paul P, TehGashMan & Everyone else! Thanks for being a part of the livestream! 😀
– Using the new Super Tutorial Template Mod by IceGrenade
– Insane & Easy Modes Activated at Spawn

Walk into stuff for money
Collect chickens to build bridge
Use green shields wisely
don’t die
Disable 3rd person by Holdind F on the 1st mannequin



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