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Skyscraper is a small sized custom zombies map. It is meant to keep the old vibes that Treyarch has created in the past with a set scene and location but doesn’t get too advanced with its mechanics.

The main focus when I started this map was to get advanced spawns that utilized tranversals well. This will be shown throughout the map in obvious ways.

This map is not easy. The map is completely fair but a main goal of mine was to not have many areas (except for a few on purpose) that could be easy pickings. There are areas for training but victory will not be given to you without a fight.

It is my first map but has a lot of detail in it. I have been working on this for about a month and have gotten a lot done but also have a lot to do. If you have any suggestions then go into the discussion of this workshop piece. Any advice or suggestions are great.

I havent tried many of the things that a coop group would do, and prices are a bit odd. I also havent added much detail to many areas. This is in case of any major changes. Hope you enjoy!


It is in a beta but this is mostly for bugs and smaller changes. The detail is lacking in my opinion but the map still looks great and feels alive especially with the power on. Try the map and if you like it please leave a message so people can know to try it.


– Buildable Shield
– All built in perks with raised perk limits (6 perk max)
– No BS dogs.
– Unique spawns and tranversals
– Pack-a-Punch
– Fixed sounds (perks, newer weapons)


– Quick Revive
– Juggernaut
– Speed Cola
– Double Tap
– Widows Wine
– Stamina Up
– Deadshot Daiquiri

Thanks to IceGrenade and all the others who worked on an improved start map with code. This map did not use his map file but it really helped me understand the language and much code was stolen from others who helped on that map.

The layout of the map is currently the strongest part, however weapon and perk choice are questionable. If you would like to see this map with different wall guns or custom weapons or perks let me know as I have the code ready to be inserted, however I personally wanted to remain as Vanilla as possible except for fixes. I didnt want to overdo it.


– Add Traps (coded but dont know where to add triggers that dont ruin the flow)
– Add greater detail in areas
– Add EE
– Fix Lighting in some areas
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