Jail In The Forest

Jail In The Forest
By: white death

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My HDD broken and lost all files and i dont have backup sorry guys.

You woke up in jail and everything you what remember is change.

This map is W.I.P stage and it gointo get some new areas future and lot of cool things.
If you have on your mind something about the map let me know it so we can think our future options.

second update. sorry for it took so long to i get this done.

-11 house got new zombie spawn places
-12 house got more details
-13 teleport back from pap zombie issue fixed
-14 jail got more details
-15 bunker got more details
-16 tunnel got more details
-17 bunker new zombie spawn place
-18 New areas Backyard and second tunnel
-19 soul box (i add more in future)
-20 Free random perk buildable
-21 Grave room added
-22 more zombie and dog spawn places

These thing are added in first update

-1 Tunnel ligh fixed.
-2 some lighting fixed
-3 added teleportting room and power door
-4 Teleport now working
-5 PAP-cave added
-6 house debris added
-7 rocketshield added
-8 new area started making (available for players now)
-9 stamina-perk added
-10 changed perk limit

These thing i add future

-boss zombie?
-EE (music or gun or someting else)
-New areas
-More Perks
-buyable end
-craftable things
-soul box
-and thing that come on my mind
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