Der Alte Krieg

Der Alte Krieg
By: Aerotanite

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Der Alte Kreig is my second map it is a work in progress map that is soon going to be a very big map with lots of features and a full easter as of right now things that are in the map

Go check out EskilM’s youtube channel!!

— BO2 Perk Shaders —
— Origins Bunker Doors —
— Starting Pistol is M9 From MW2 —
— Mystery Box —
— Bo2 Weapons —
— Perk Machine Change —
— EE Song Not Ready To Die, Avenged Sevenfold —
— Zombie Shield —

Things Coming
— Full Easter Egg —
— All Staffs Upgradable —
— Origins Mystery Box —
— Origins Pack A Punch —
— Origins Zombie Models —
— Fully Working Origins Dig Sites —

Please Report Any Bugs!!!

Things Added
— Shadow Man Announcer —
— Custom Round Sounds —
— The Four Original Perk Jingles are Sung by Dr Monty —
— Staffs are out of the map currently i am placing the parts for the builables —

Things Fixed
— It is now playable for everyone–

Special Thanks to Harry Bo21!! for weapons and scripts

And Special Thanks to To be honest!! for ideas and mapping help



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