Baseball Field Remastered

Baseball Field Remastered
By: GalacticVerge

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Huge credit goes to Bamskater33 for being the one who created the original version of this map in World at War. If you’ve played this remaster then I highly recommend you play his original WaW version to have a look at its origins.
A classic World at War custom zombies map reimagined for Black Ops 3. Thought some of you might appreciate it 🙂
This remaster combines the original from WaW with new and unique rooms as well as many other new features and easter eggs, those of which being a music ee, soulbox-redeemer ee, and a special one which I will not spoil for you!

Now I do need to give some credits for a few various features in game, so here goes:

Major thanks to MakeCents for the growing soul boxes and helping me so much with scripting for the easter egg.



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