Dead Camping

Dead Camping
By: UnknowN

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This map was made to be a challenging map, with a simple but difficult easter egg, and without any perk except for Quick Revive.
This is my first map ever made so thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy.

Map Features:

– Main Easter Egg
– Side Easter Eggs
– Music Easter Egg
– Buyable Ending
– GobbleGum Machine

Buyable Perks

– Quick Revive

Scripting and Mapping

– Me


– NoMad ( )

Beta Testers

– RForjaz
– Argonaut232
– rickard2014


– redspace200
– Nate Smith Zombies
– Graffiti
– IceGrenade
– Uptownpapi25
– Jbird
– CraftDAnimations
– Madgaz Gaming
– M.A.K.E C E N T S
– UGX-Mods (Forum)

The creation of this map would not be possible without these people helping me with his tutorials!



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