Bully Boys Dorm

Bully Boys Dorm
Version: Beta By: TheNathanNS

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This map lets you take on the horde of the undead inside the Boys’ Dorm from the 2006 game Bully!

Before you download, please remember there’s a load of work to do:

* Prop placement (Like portraits and debris)
* More weapons
* Zombie spawns
* Collisions (for zombies mostly)
* Open up more of the dorm rooms
* Fix the horrible lighting I have ATM

Map features:

* References/visual EE’s about Bully, like ingame posters etc
* Portraits from the Boys’ Dorm (upscaled to 1024×2048)
* Brutus from Mob of the Dead (Credit to Nate Smith Zombies)
* Mob of the Dead round sounds (Credit to AGC for that)
* Mauser C96 Starting pistol (Harry_bo2 I believe made that)

Will work with custom character mods, idk if it’ll work with custom weapons though.

Credits also go to:

My friends Pancakes081 and Snipi for being “beta” testers.



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