Beats Of The Dead

Beats Of The Dead
By: Dark Helmet

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Our four heroes find themselves in a quaint Norwegian house after being teleported away from Zetsubou no Shima.

As discoveries are made, our heroes find that this seemingly innocent home is hiding a secret produce operation powered by the ancient burial tombs hidden below the house, carried out by Group 935. Only by sabotaging Group 935’s produce operation and harnessing the power of the ancient catacombs will our heroes make it out alive in Beats of the Dead.

Brand New Perk- Monster Energy
13 Other Perks
Zombie Soul sidequest
Pack-a-Punch sidequest
Secret shootable sidequest
Main Easter Egg quest
Secret Boss sidequest
Pisswasser beer sidequest
Guns from MWR,MW2,BO,BO2
More small easter eggs
Music score from Origins and featuring licenced songs from Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, and more.



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