By: Eddy Gordo

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Mission briefing:

Rider: Make it quick.

Contact: Four hundred million US for eradicates the problem. Another two hundred million for all the lost research data.

Rider: I don’t need money. I need a chopper and a crew that can follow my orders. We don’t have time to haggle. I need to know your answer tonight.

Contact: Why?

Rider: There’s been a… leak. Somewhere on the inside. We have to assume this location has been compromised.

Contact: How long do you have?

Rider: Eighteen hours, if the weather holds. After that… Well, you saw what happened in Romania.
– start with 5 perk slots
– random starting pistol (bloodhound, luger or mauser)
-lots and lots of custom weapons
– custom player models
– custom perk
– jumppads and teleporter
– flogger trap
– weapon trading bench
– custom models
– custom powerups such as zombie cash, zombie blood etc
– soulboxes
– door with keycard
– kino style teleporter
– custom zombies
– power you need to build
– buyeble ending
– rocket shield
– perk slot powerup


wardogsk93- custom perks

Ice grenade, CraftDAnimations- amazing and very helpfull tutorials

Abnormal1202, Matarra- custom perk snails pace slurpee

Frost Iceforge- custom zombies eye colour

Arcadia- Tumbnail

shinged- buildeble power script/prefab

makecents- soul boxes

zeroy- custom zombies

nikitawetzel- flogger

elricos, Jia909, Doublejake, ProRevenge, collie, John Burnette- custom weapon ports

DarkS0uls54- custom fire sale music

The Indestructable Mike Pence, Dick_Nixon- custom cia and cdc player models

Frost Iceforge- trading table

ZoekMeMaar, Marksman 147, NateSmithZombies, HarryBo21- custom storm power up

natesmithzombies- Brutus, kino teleporter broken perk power up, zombie blood, zombie cash and bottomless clip powerup

Akrime- multible starting pistols script

Uptownpapi25- keycard to open door

ch33ky- custom cz dual wield weapon

RedSpace200- jump pads


There is no widows wine in the map because it would otherwise be way to easy to progress in the map.There are also no dogs in this map as it seemed weird to have dogs on this map. There also is a brutus that spawns in every 5 a 6 rounds to kinda make the map a little harder. I hope you will enjoy the map and please feel free to leave commants/links of youtube video’s of the map. All feedback is very much suported and also let me know if there are any nasty bugs or glitches that I did not realize, ill try to fix them ASAP. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I good luck defeating the undead horde!

-Silvian H and Arcadia


I wanted to thank everyone for the support I have been receiving on the map. I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of a competition to make doing the easter egg more rewarding. I have looked at custom maps and seen the top 3 or so players with the highest score to be put on some sort of leader board. I thought It would be fun to apply this to this map as well. So if you completed the easter egg of the map wich requires you to do all the steps in the ee discusion tab and can show me proof of you completing it like sending me a screenshot or something, you and 2 others will be put on a leaderboard that is somewere above. Also your name will be featured in my next map in some sort of mini side easter egg. This is completly optional and just something fun I thought of doing. If you want to participate just send me the screenshot or video of you solo or with more people completing the map and if you are one of the first 3 people to do so you win! So good luck everyone and have fun!



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