By: Abnormal202, Gonk Droid, Lethal Peelz

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You’re shivering. Your blood is freezing. Your lungs are barely able to breath. And you can feel something sinister in the air. How did a house like this ever get built in the Arctic? How could anyone ever have lived here? *Living* may not be the right term…

This is the last place you want to be on Christmas Eve. Either find a way out of this hell, or you’ll be spending your Christmas underground.

This map was part of the YAW 2017 mapping contest. It won  place!
As such, we only had 2 months to make this map, so that’s my excuse for the lack of detail

– 2 custom perks
– 19 Never-before-seen weapons
– 8 Weapons from Black Ops 2
– A special boss type of zombie
– 2 New Powerups
– 2 New Alternate Ammo Types (2nd pap things)
– “Perk Freeze” rounds
– Ice Skating!
– Buildable Zap Guns
– Power Presents
– Acheivements
– A donation ending (for Lameos)
– A real ending
-A ton of other, little, custom things

-Lethal Peelz


Check out my Discord:

*NOTE: This map is very script-heavy, and with that comes a lot of bugs. I’ve squashed all the bugs I could find, including the ones YAW found, but I’m sure there is more. Please report any bugs you find (Be very specific with HOW the bug occured. GIF’s, and pictures help), and I’ll be sure to find the insecticide.



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