Satanic Campgrounds

Satanic Campground
By: TJ UndeadSlayer

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Map Description:

It seemed like a nice time for camping. Not CoD camping, but real camping. However, this relaxation period was cut short when some Satan worshipers summoned some zombies to kill everybody. AND YOU FORGOT WHERE YOU PARKED YOUR TRUCK!

Took me four months straight to make, hopefully all the hard work payed off. : )

Map Features:

-Black Ops 1, 2, & 3 Perks and Wunderfizz (Thankes Harry Bo21)
-Soul Boxes (Thanks M.A.K.E.C.E.N.T.S)
-Jump Pads (Thanks Redspace200)
-Black Ops II and ZC Weapons (Thanks Harry Bo21 and ProRevenge)
-Brutus Bossfight (Thanks NateSmithZombies and Abnormal202)
-SoE Style Mystery Box (Thanks Graffiti [Map Designer&Editor])
-WaW M2 Flamethrower (Thanks ZeRoY)
-Modified Key Card Script (Thanks uptownpapi25)
-Buildables (Thanks Archaicvirus)
-Music Easter Egg [Plus 1 Hard to Find] (Thanks Jbrid632 and Uptownpapi25!)
-The World at War style characters (Thanks Dick_Nixon! Sorry Steam censored your name!)
-A short but fun easter egg : )

Space Helmet Locations:
-Behind barricade in spawn room
-Underneath Zombie Shield workbench
-Inside a locker next to Speed Cola
-Next to bus near Mule Kick
-Behind a barricade in the house
-Next to a tire of the car behind Vulture Aid
-On a teddy bear’s head inside power building
-Next to some cars by the AN-94 wallbuy

Soul Chest Locations
-To the right after opening the first door
-In front of a light post after the opening the first door
-In front of a bench next to the M16 wallbuy
-In front of a light post near the MSMC wallbuy
-Next to a Gobblegum machine near the B23R
-Near the entrence to the front yard of the house
-Top of the stairs in the house
-Near Vulture Aid
-Near the box near the power
-On a toilet in the power building
-Next SVU wallbuy
-In front of the Ramp workbench

Known Bugs:
-Cannot melee with the MSMC
-Zombies can get stuck on top of one of the buses (Not a major problem tho)
-The M2 Flamethrower has no sound

Unknown Bugs:
-I don’t ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ know


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