Giant 2.1

Giant 2.1
By: BioShank

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the previous giant map i made, i lost all the data for. so have to start it all over again.

work in progress.
> getting other perks back
> getting more guns
> fixing the audio
> fixing secret room
> removing clip near rear of map that stops you jumping down over top of gate

whats new:

more perks
fixed some audio problems

most guns have alot of attachments 🙂 yay !
minor improvements to map

let me know if there if anything i should add

does take a while to update sorry guys, it takes over 30 minutes to compile the map, most of the time when i change/add somthing, somthing else breaks in the map.

if the game crashes for you, on loading
set the game language to english it should fix that problem

Credit goes to WARDOGSK93 for building the perks, with xSanchez78 help on Who’s Who.
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