Treasure Island

Treasure Island
By: Ping998

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It’s not necessary, but if you enjoy my work, please feel free to donate if you want:

“Welcome to the abandoned disney island inspired by the creepypasta “Abandoned by Disney”, relive the myths of the island as the undead walk amongst you. Will you survive?”

1. …
2. …
3. …

Send me a screenshot of you beating the map and you might get on the highscores table!

NOTE: If you use a perk mod or any other mod that gives you an unfair advantage, you are automatically disqualified from entering the highscores table (and to be honest, that’s a pretty awful thing to do given the work I put into the map).

1. Activate all 3 generators
2. Fill all 3 soul pedestals
3. Find all 5 statues of Cthulu
4. Buy the ending

(Optional EE: Find all 7 hidden perk bottles)

– Marshal 16 Dual Wield has no PaP camo

I do not own any assets included in this map, all game assets are property of Activison unless stated otherwise. All created community assets are property and the responsibility of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

If you feel there is a problem with any content in this map or any other map I have created (in terms of infringement; for example: lack of credit) please don’t hesitate to contact me through the social media links provided or on the Steam platform.

By subscribing to this mod you acknowledge this disclaimer.

| Custom round sounds
| 6-perk limit
| Custom ambient music
| Custom perk/power-up shaders
| Custom game-over music
| Zombie Chronicles zombie sounds
| Red zombie eyes
| Custom EE sounds
| Verruckt runners later on (Let’s be honest, BO3 zombies by default is too easy)
| Hellhound fog
| Revive,Jugg,Speed,Double,Mule,Deadshot,Staminup and Widow’s Wine perks
| BO3 DLC weapons
| WaW weapons
| Standard BO3 weapons
| 3 switch power system (like in my classic maps!)
| Incorporating aspects of the real Island into the map (i.e. the dock)
| Custom Hellhound round sounds
| Hellhounds
| Mixed rounds
| Increased zombie speed
| Buyable ending
| Pack-A-Punch
| Soul chests
| 2 Easter Eggs
| Fixed sounds for guns, perks and box!
| Progressive-style zombie map
| Volumetric Lighting
| My best detailing to date
| Flowing layout
| And much more!!



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