Winter Wunderland

Winter Wunderland
By: Wunderland

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In an abandoned town deep in the mountains, the frozen undead rise from the snow…

Hey everyone, I’m excited to finally release my second map that I’ve been working on and off on since like 2014! I had lots of fun working on this map, but I am definitely ready to quit using WaW’s crappy engine and move on to making maps on BO3. There are still several bugs in the map, but nothing very serious, so I highly doubt I will be updating this map any more to fix anything. 

-4 Original perks, Redspace’s Who’s Who, & Bam’s Electric Cherry
-Black Ops 1 weapons (including 4 Wonder Weapons)
-Custom perk icons made by me
-Buildable buyable ending
-Electric traps
-3 hit down without jugg (like BO3)
-FOV slider (under game options)
-Custom HUD & menu
-Ton of BO2 models
-UGX Jukebox
-and Zombies!

Note: If you join a coop lobby and are not the host, the coop lobby will show up as the main menu. However, you are still in the lobby, but you can leave by selecting Solo or Coop.


ADDICTED – Custom Trap Script
SwazzyHD – Custom HUD & Game Font
Tom_Bmx – Clientscripts FX Tutorial, Lime
RedSpace200 – Who’s Who
koene007 – Mauser
MrDunlop4 – Fixed Mauser Sounds
incredibleprojects – Change starting weapon tut
Rorke – BO Weapons & weapon bob
OfficialMT22 – Custom BO2 Round Chalks
Bamskater33 – Electric Cherry
FreeCodCinematics – Church Prefab
steviewonder87 & rdv – Grabby Zombies fix
PROxFTW – Solo Scoreboard
ConvictioNDR – Double Tap 2.0
mrpeanut188 & alaurenc9 – randomized characters
Scobalula – FOV slider
Uk_ViiPeR – Custom menu template
DuaLVII – buildables script



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