Dead Pool

Dead Pool
By: TurnedHero

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A nice place to go swim with your friends or without. Have fun! 🙂


Main Features (at the moment):

– Pack-A-Punch
– Rocket Shield
– A Total of 13 Perks with no limit
– Three teddy bear easter egg song
– Many fun new rooms to explore
– Many more secrets and easter eggs so keep on lookin’ !
– Soulcollectors
– Funny memes (just the needed touch)
– Goblegum machines

NOTE: The map isn’t ready just yet and it will still be heavily revamped in order to maximize the fun factor of it. Also please tell me any of your ideas and/or feedback and that will help me make the map better 🙂

The map is created by me. My friend InfectiousIwan helped me a lot with giving me ideas; go show him some love!

Credits go for all the following awesome modding community professionals for providing me with all the prefabs, scripts and such:

– IceGrenade
– Uptownpapi25
– Graffiti
– CraftDAnimations
– Madgaz Gaming
– JBird632
– DTZxPorter[]
– Harry Bo21[]
– NateSmithZombies[]
– Hawkside
– TheSkyeLord[]
– alexbgt
– NoobForLunch
– Sethnorris
– Yen466
– Lilrifa
– Easyskanka
– Will Luffey
– ProRevenge
– Zeroy
– StevieWonder87
– BluntStuffy
– RedSpace200
– thezombieproject
– Smasher248
– JiffyNoodles
– MZSlayer
– AndyWhelen
– Collie
– HitmanVere
– ProGamerzFTW
– Scobalula
– Azsry
– GerardS0406
– PCModder
– IperBreach
– TomBMX
– AllModz

If I used your prefabs, scripts or something else please, tell me and I will give you the appropriate credits 🙂



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