The Reichstag

The Reichstag
By: h00dedsn1per177

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The Ultimis crew finds themselves in the Reichstag at the heart of Berlin, over run by an undead nazi army the crew must try to survive and discover the haunting truth buried beneath Berlin.
-Mapped by h00dedsn1per177
-Scripting by SomeDudesFatMom

Background Story: After the events of Der Reise the Ultimis crew are teleported to The Reichstag just after the battle of Berlin. Richtofen’s plan is to enter the pyramid found under the Reichstag which is one of 3 which controls the zombies, However the crew makes a much more sinister discovery…

Description: The map is a medium sized map which is heavily inspired by Kino Der Toten, Origins, Der Eisendrache as well as Das Herrenhaus (World at War Custom Zombies) and Berlin Bank (World at War Custom Zombies)

TIP: If you find the map to be too dark, simply turn up the games settings as I will not be altering the lighting as this is how the map is intended to be… dark.

TIP: Sometimes the teleporter will get stuck when teleporting you. Dont worry just wait a few seconds and it will take you to your destination.

TIP: When teleporting into the boss fight, don’t panic if no zombies immediately spawn. Just give it a few minutes and they will gradually begin spawning.

-Easter Egg Quest
-Custom Boss zombies
-World War 2 and Cold War weapons.
-Secret Area unlocked by mini Easter Egg
-Perks (some custom)


-Harry Bo21


-The Indestructable Mike Pence
-Activision / Treyarch

-PremiumMusic (Instrumental Version)


Anyone I may have forgotten to credit please message me and I will add you as soon as possible, thanks. Enjoy the map



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