Bunbury Redux

Bunbury Redux
Version 1.1 By: Ping998

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It’s not necessary, but if you enjoy my work, please feel free to donate: https://streamlabs.com/ping998

Note: I would appreciate it if you would refrain from using mods that give you an unfair advantage (e.g. cheats) so you can experience the map as it was intended, thank you! 🙂


– Extra detailing
– Kino zombie models (as requested)



“You never thought a little village in the english countryside could be a warzone…”

Welcome to Bunbury Redux! A reimagined version of my old World at War map “Bunbury” created over 4 years ago!

It was a favourite within the custom zombies community then, so I’m bringing it back now! In this map you are tasked
with finding hidden switches around the map which open up doors to randomised perks (note: quick revive is never randomised).
Once you find all of them you must find the switch to PaP and find a way to the ending!


1. Activate all 3 generators
2. Find and activate all 8 random perk doors (Note: Quick Revive is NOT randomised)
3. Open Pack-A-Punch
4. Open the crypt
5. Buy the ending
NOTE: There are additional easter eggs to find! (If you’re good enough…)


– A complete reimagining of the original map
– DLC BO3 weapons + extra BO3 multiplayer weapons + BO3 stock weapons
– Buyable Ending
– Teleporting boss zombies
– Infinite ammo power-up
– Additional musical EE
– Additional special weapon EE
– Hitmarkers
– Randomised perk locations
– Finding-buttons gameplay
– Custom sounds
– Custom ambient music
– Mixed dog rounds from 13 onwards
– Red zombie eyes
– Custom round sounds
– No perk limit
– Custom game-over music
– Zombie Chronicles zombie sounds
– Verruckt runners later on
– 3 switch power system (like the original!)
– Increased zombie speed
– Pack-A-Punch
– Volumetric Lighting
– Character voices
– Perks and box have correct sounds
– Custom perk/power-up shaders
– Revive, Jugg, Speed, Double, Mule Kick, Deadshot, Stamin-up and Widow’s Wine perks


Map design and implementation – Ping998
Special EE complete noise – Bertrof (freesound website)
Special EE pickup noise – PhreaKsAccount (freesound website)
Generator on noise – KP (soundbible website)
Power on noise – gio td (freesound website)
Ambient soundtrack – Avery “Dredile” Fisk
Game-over music – fusorf
Round sounds – Treyarch
Perk/powerup shaders – ProRevenge
Red zombie eyes – Frost Iceforge
Additional “Bottles” EE – Spiral
Additional musical EE – Symbo
Generator system – Spiral
Updated zombie sounds – MJPWGaming
Verruckt Runners – Heylew
Buyable ending – UGX team
Mixed dog rounds – Willijones1989, WECoyote99
Shi no numa perk system – ZombieKid164
Teleporting zombies – death_reaper0
Infinite ammo power-up – natesmithzombies
DLC BO3 weapons – Activision, Treyarch, ProRevenge, eMoX MaNgA, Jia909, Harrybo21, DTZxPorter, Azsry, HitmanVere, TomCrowleys, The Black Death, Jbird632, Scobalula, Ray, Collie, Speedy, Marvel4, SE2Dev, JerriGaming, Pash, ElTitoPricus, Jia909, NINJAMAN829
Razorback sounds – ElTitoPricus
Zombie Models – Erthrock
Musical EE song – “Undone” by Brian Tuey
Hitmarkers – natesmithzombies
Help and support – redspace200, Spiral and all of the amazing people at UGX and Modme!

If I have forgotton anyone PLEASE let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

If you have any suggestions/bug reports please contact me via Steam/Twitter!



I do not own any assets included in this map, all game assets are property of Activison unless stated otherwise. All created community assets are property and the responsibility of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

If you feel there is a problem with any content in this map or any other map I have created (in terms of infringement; for example: lack of credit) please don’t hesitate to contact me through the social media links provided or on the Steam platform.

By subscribing to this mod you acknowledge this disclaimer.


Please put any bug reports in the “bug reports” discussion and suggestions in the “suggestions” discussion!


– Ping998, out!



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