Vendetta’s House

Vendetta's House
By: eMoX MaNgA

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This is a little contest map for “Zombie Vendetta” this quick map are my 2nd one !

Map content : !! WARNING, Copyright musics are in the map so be carefull to any YouTube vidéos uploads that include some of theses musics !! I also recommend you to play it as SOLO ! -JUKEBOX (You can choose the musics you want to play in a menu) -CUSTOM DEATHMACHINE WEAPON (MWR Minigun) -CHANGED WEAPONS IN MAGIC BOX -CHANGED ZOMBIES MODEL (Shangri-La) -PERKS : Revive, DoubleTap, Speed Cola, Jugg, PHD, Staminup) -ALWAYS SAME ZOMBIES SPEED -UNLIMITED PERKS SLOTS -CHANGED PERKS AND POWERUP ICONS -CUSTOM PERKS PREFAB (Like the bottles are in an ice bucket) -END GAME (Cost 50k Points) -CUSTOM WEAPONS WALLBUYS PREFABS (Like the weapon are on a table or something, no white glowing thing anymore) -PAP CAMOS CHANGED (Cherry Fizz) -PORTED WEAPONS (All MWR one with inspect anims, thanks to TheSkyeLord) -ANTI-CHEAT -ALL LANGUAGE SUPPORT -ZOMBIES CHRONICLES SOUNDS -THE GIANT VOXES -RICHTOFEN ANNOUNCER -LOADING SCREEN


Sorry for my English (im French), if you have bugs, suggestions or if you enjoy the map let me know in the comments section ! Special thanks to (If i forgot you in crédits, sorry and let me know so i can add you) : lilrobot – TheSkyeLord – NateSmithZombies – Zeroy – HarryBO21 – Clix – mindmirror – Deadnaut – Frost IceForge – Scobalula – TrueGamerCalls – Erthrock – Matarra – Symbo – Jaguar 115 (Logo and loadscreen)

The map include many custom models with much tris and verts (I try to reduce it as much i can) to have the closer same look as possible of the real Zombie Vendetta’s house so im sorry for the big map file XD



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